What slot does a gpu go in

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What will happen if I add a AMD RX 480 GPU in one slot and a Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU on another slot on the same motherboard? solved Does this motherboard have a PCI-e express 2.1 x16 slot?

Re: Does it matter which PCI-E x16 slot I install my card into? 2014/03/12 15:50:33 What this means it that the first slot is the one listed, so it is x16. Then each slot after depending on the SLI or crossfire configuration. Which slot do I put my GPU in? | Tom's Hardware Forum Do I put the GPU in the top or bottom because which ever is better for airflow and easier to reach for cable managing. It has 3 GPU slots (PCI) do i put it lower or up? If i put it in the first one, will the heat rise up quicker so that it doesnt stay in too long? GPU is a Sapphire Toxic R9 280x. Thanks! PS: Do i put the ram in the BLACK or red ... Does a Graphics Card Have to Go in the First PCI-E Slot ...

I have a R9 390 sapphire and Z97 gamer pro mobo. People say use the slot closest to the cpu which would for me be a pcie-x-1.Others say use the x16-3 slot which is on the bottom for me but the card won't fit in that slot. Pls help I'm so confused.

Does my motherboard have a slot for a GPU? - [Solved ... Does my motherboard have a slot for a GPU? ... solved Will my 8 year old motherboard's PCI-E slot bottleneck the maximum capacity of a modern high-end Video Card GPU? solved Does my motherboard ... Pci and Pci-e slots explained | PCSPECIALIST (some gpu's have dual fans, some have a single fan) So in this circumstance we have two spare PCI slots (green), and one spare PCI-E slot (red) above the gpu. As well as another slot to add another GPU (blue), This can be seen on this pic below (my rig different mobo, but the same layout)

Which PCIE slot in one GPU configuration - Asus

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Does a Graphics Card Have to Go in the First PCI-E Slot? Update Cancel. aZaDdAQzv abPcyLdc yEnbtlqlvgCexGchnYyKauYrQQ.Note that both slots can be configured in x8 + x8 mode by the CPU's PCIe controller if you're using a dual GPU setup like SLI or Crossfire.

where does the graphics card go on the motherbaord ... Best Answer: Your MSI 975X Platinum motherboard has dual PCI-Express x16 slots, as shown on the link below. In between them are two PCI-Express x1 slots, and nearer to the edge of the motherboard are two PCI slots. You need only use a single graphics card, in one of the x16 slots, or you may use a pair of ...